NO.1 What is Veeam vPower NFS Service used for?
A. It continuously checks configuration settings of jobs and starts them in accordance with their
B. It is used to mount a compressed and deduplicated backup file directly to the backup server and
perform file and item level restore.
C. It is used to retrieve VM data from the backup file and send it to the original VM location, or to a
new location specified by the user
D. It allows Veeam Backup & Replication to mount a compressed and deduplicated backup file as a
regular VMDK file directly to the ESX(i)
Answer: D


NO.2 Which statements are true regarding vPower for VMware vSphere? (Select three.)
A. vPower is used to enable Instant VM Recovery.
B. vPower is not supported for non-ESXi version of VMware vSphere.
C. vPower always uses NFS to mount VM(s) from a Backup Repository.
D. vPower is used to enable SureBackup recovery verification.
E. vPower is used to recover files from tape.
Answer: A,B,E


NO.3 A Backup Administrator has configured the backup job to be launched only manually (no job
schedule is selected in the job settings). How many times will Veeam Backup & Replication retry this
job in case it fails?
A. Five
B. Unlimited, until the job succeeds
C. Zero
D. Three
E. Unlimited, until the end of the day
Answer: C

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NO.4 Which statements about Parallel Processing are true? (Select two.)
A. Each data processing task within a job requires one CPU core.
B. Parallel Processing is limited to four virtual drives per job.
C. Parallel processing is not an option: It is ALWAYS enabled!
D. Parallel Processing can be disabled per job.
E. When upgrading Veeam Backup & Replication to v7 from an earlier version Parallel Processing is
Answer: A,C

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Reference: (paragraph
after the bulleted points)

NO.5 Which statements are true regarding Hyper-V Change Block Tracking? (Select two.)
A. The Veeam CBT driver is activated on a Hyper-V when the host is first addressed by a job with
enabled CBT.
B. Information on data blocks that have changed is registered in special .ctk files
C. The Veeam CBT driver is installed and activated on every Hyper-V host that is added to the list of
managed server.
D. Information on data blocks that have changed is registered in special .ctp files
E. The Veeam CBT driver is installed and activated on a Hyper-V when the host is first addressed by a
job with enabled CBT.
Answer: A,D


NO.6 Which prerequisite is necessary in order to complete a configuration restore?
A. All Veeam Backup & Replication jobs are stopped.
B. None of the above.
C. Veeam Backup Enterprice Manager is installed.
D. None of the jobs are targeting the repository where the configuration backup is located.
Answer: A


NO.7 Which of these statements regarding Veeam Backup & Replications Powershell Snap-in are
true? (Select two.)
A. A PowerShell script could be run as a post-job activity.
B. To see a list of available commands use: Get-VBRCommands
C. The PowerShell Snap-In is available for all editions.
D. The PowerShell Snap-In is installed by default.
E. The PowerShell Snap-In is an optional component.
Answer: B,E

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NO.8 How often can you schedule Veeam ONE Reporter to perform data collection? (Select two.)
A. Every X minute(s)
B. Every X hour(s)
C. Every X second(s)
D. Data collection can not be performed manually.
E. Every X day(s)
Answer: B,E




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