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試験科目:「Java SE 7 Programmer I 」
問題と解答:全216問 1Z0-803絶対合格

>> 1Z0-803絶対合格


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Java SE 7 Programmer I

Exam Number: 1Z0-803 / 1Z0-803

Duration: 120 minutes

Associated Certifications: Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer

Number of Questions: 70

Exam Product Version: Java SE,

Passing Score: 63%

Exam Price: US$ 150

Validated Against:

This exam has been validated against SE 7.

format: Multiple Choice

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Java Basics

  • Define the scope of variables
  • Define the structure of a Java class
  • Create executable Java applications with a main method
  • Import other Java packages to make them accessible in your code

Working With Java Data Types

  • Declare and initialize variables
  • Differentiate between object reference variables and primitive variables
  • Read or write to object fields
  • Explain an Object's Lifecycle (creation, "dereference" and garbage collection)
  • Call methods on objects
  • Manipulate data using the StringBuilder class and its methods
  • Creating and manipulating Strings

Using Operators and Decision Constructs  

  • Use Java operators
  • Use parenthesis to override operator precedence
  • Test equality between Strings and other objects using == and equals ()
  • Create if and if/else constructs
  • Use a switch statement

Creating and Using Arrays

  • Declare, instantiate, initialize and use a one-dimensional array
  • Declare, instantiate, initialize and use multi-dimensional array
  • Declare and use an ArrayList

Using Loop Constructs

  • Create and use while loops
  • Create and use for loops including the enhanced for loop
  • Create and use do/while loops
  • Compare loop constructs
  • Use break and continue  

Working with Methods and Encapsulation

  • Create methods with arguments and return values
  • Apply the static keyword  to methods and fields  
  • Create an overloaded method
  • Differentiate between default and user defined constructors
  • Create and overload constructors
  • Apply access modifiers
  • Apply encapsulation principles to a class
  • Determine the effect upon object references and primitive values when they are passed  into methods that change the values

Working with Inheritance

  • Implement inheritance
  • Develop code that demonstrates the use of polymorphism
  • Differentiate between the type of a reference and the type of an object
  • Determine when casting is necessary
  • Use super and this to access objects and constructors
  • Use abstract classes and interfaces

Handling Exceptions

  • Differentiate among checked exceptions, RuntimeExceptions and Errors
  • Create a try-catch block and determine how exceptions alter normal program flow
  • Describe what Exceptions are used for in Java
  • Invoke a method that throws an exception
  • Recognize common exception classes and categories

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